4 Ways to Improve Your Relationships With Binaural Beats

4 Ways to Improve Your Relationships With Binaural Beats

It is often said that when two people enter a relationship, both must be whole and stable, or the relationship will ultimately fail. While a good state of being at all levels is always helpful, “wholeness” early on does not guarantee wellness, let alone wholeness for the duration of the relationship. Illness, financial issues, and many other stresses can rob individuals of their sense of wholeness, which in turn will have an impact on the relationship. Therefore, no matter how whole and stable you and your partner were before entering the relationship, a focus on personal wellness and maintenance is essential if the relationship is to remain healthy. Binaural beats are very useful for giving you a safe place to explore your personal space and also improve the shared area that forms your relationships with others. No matter whether you are looking to improve work, romantic, or other relationships, binaural beats can help you achieve your goals.

Reframe Your Points of Reference

Have you ever walked into a supermarket and absolutely believed someone was following you around? Did you also arrive at a conclusion about why that person was following you? As we get older, and make mistakes in perceiving what others are thinking or about to do, we also learn to take a step back and not always immediately trust what we are thinking. While every person has a different level of “proof” required before taking action, sometimes you also need to reframe your point of reference in order to see what is really going on.

In relationships with others, it can be incredibly difficult to let go of the idea that you automatically know everything the other person is thinking, or know “beyond a shadow” what they are going to do. If you are the kind of person that prides yourself on being right about being able to predict the actions of others, it can be even harder to let go of your ideas and simply observe the other person and let them act based on their own inner compass. Needless to say, this can be very destructive if you wind up being the controller in the relationship, or if there is a constant battle of wills that leaves both parties unhappy and feeling lost.

Binaurals are excellent for helping you relax and simply let your mind embrace other ideas from a vantage of safety. In this case, you can work with binaurals to help reduce instinctive emotions and give yourself some space to see alternatives that neither of you may have considered before. From there, you can make more observations and give yourself and the other person a chance to make better decisions.

Understand the Value of Personal Space

No matter how much you want to be with another person, it is still important to have personal space, personal time, and personal boundaries. Remember, you begin interacting with other people because they have something of interest or value that either enhances your life or brings something new to it. By the same token, you also bring the same assets to the relationship and the other person. When too much personal space becomes shared space, any relationship can become distorted and lead to a sense of feeling lost.

Working with binaural beats is a very personal and inward looking process. Regardless of the relationship you are in with other people, this is a time to learn more about yourself, and also feel safe as you explore thoughts about your relationships with others. As you learn to value and respect your personal aspects and space, you will also learn how to extend that to others. Without a question, if others accuse you of prying, being nosy, or being too clingy, regaining and building your own personal space can be very useful. Since binaurals adjust your brain waves and can be used to retrain problematic thought habits, you can resolve these kinds of challenges without going through years of pain, failed relationship cycles, and other problems.

Learn How to Listen to Yourself

Even though you hear yourself talking, or engaging in other acts of communication, are you really listening to what you are saying? Surprisingly enough, the vast majority of people are on auto pilot when it comes to communicating with others. When this happens in a relationship, it can quickly lead to all kinds of problems. Among other things, the other person may not interpret you in the same way they did before, or may not even interpret what you mean to say. In most cases, these problems will never be discovered and worked out until it is too late unless you learn how to listen to yourself.

Using binaural beats at the alpha level can be very useful for learning how to listen to yourself. The binaurals will help short circuit stress responses that prevent you from assessing your communications from a different perspective. They can also help you move past guilt, fear, and anxieties that may come with the understanding you need to make some changes. In addition, once you see where you need to make changes, opening up to more creative brain frequencies may also lead you to find new, and more satisfying answers than you would have found when coming at the entire situation from a point of stress or feeling trapped in a downward cycle. Never forget that the cycles you see in your life and relationships are very much rooted in the habits of your thoughts. If you can break the thought cycles, you can also change the relationship and how you feel about yourself.

Learn How to Listen to the Other Person

Many people are surprised to learn that it only becomes possible to listen to someone else after you have learned how to listen to yourself. That all being said, in any relationship, it is very important to make sure you know the difference between hearing and listening, as well as what it means for how you will both move forward. Sadly, many people that believe they are listening simply go ahead and impose their own ideas about the other person instead of actually stop long enough to listen to the other person without these filters.

Consider a situation where you want a raise at work, and have several people in your office that are aiming for the same goal. Now let’s also say that you feel as though you are on fairly good terms with your co-workers, yet at some level you feel threatened by them and their potential to get a raise instead of you. While this situation tends to be the norm rather than the exception, it can also lead to disaster in the most unexpected moments.

Let’s look at this situation again, and say that all of a sudden you notice that your co-workers seem to be whispering to each other and avoiding you. Here are some possible things that may go through your mind as the days go by:

  • at first you may dismiss it as coincidence or paranoia
  • if you make a mistake on the job, or something else goes wrong, the situation may seem more and more sinister. Even if someone else makes the mistake, you may still start feeling guilty or disturbed because you notice that you are being left out of various conversations.
  • As your emotions continue to spiral downward, you may become more competitive and less open with your co-workers.

As you can see, your own mental process created a situation that may not have existed at all. Among other things, your co-workers could have been planning a surprise birthday party for you. Alternatively, one of your co-workers may have had a serious personal problem and needed help from someone else. Their looks in your direction and avoidance may simply have been related to something going on in their life that you would either have no interest in, or might not relate to. In fact, if you did know what the conversations were about, you might have extricated yourself as quickly as possible!

Binaural beats are very useful for helping you detach from routine thoughts and expand into a relaxed space where you can embrace other ideas and readjust your outlook. In this case, if you had a nagging thought early on about your co-workers, addressing them while listening to binaurals might have given you a chance to see other options. Binaruals will not lead you to simply deny facts away or pretend they don’t exist. Rather, they will help you engage your creative mind and see a range of choices, and then help you remain calm during the process of finding out what the other person is actually trying to say to you, and if they are saying anything at all.

There is no question that relationships mean a lot, and that any kind of reliance on another person can create internal challenges. If you notice that your relationships always seem to wind up in destructive cycles, it may be time to learn more about your internal mental and emotional landscapes. Since binaurals are very useful for helping you feel safe and reducing stress, they can give you the kind of support you need to make these explorations. They can also help reconfigure your thought habits by adjusting brain frequencies that increase creative and strategic thinking. This, in turn can lead to more positive experiences, and eventually better relationship cycles.