5 Ways to Boost Cognitive Performance With Binaurals

5 Ways to Boost Cognitive Performance With Binaurals

Have you ever noticed that everyone expects you to be doing 10 things at once? Do you feel tired and drained just at the thought of trying to clear out all your browser tabs,or create your “to do” list for the day? Are you increasingly feeling lost when you watch the news or hear people talk about everything from diet to child care? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may also think your mentation is too slow, and needs boosting. Fortunately, binaural beats can be used to address a wide range of cognitive performance related issues. No matter whether you need to improve your memory, boost analytic skills, or simply process information faster, binaural beats can help you retrain your brain and optimize it as much as possible.

Listen to Alpha Frequency Binaurals While Working

As you may be aware, your brain emits four basic frequencies that correspond to four basic states of consciousness. Typically, when you are occupied with waking tasks, your brain is in the “beta” state and emits rapid brainwaves. When you are awake, but more thoughtful and creative, your brain enters the “alpha” state, and actually emits a less rapid brainwave than the beta state. Interestingly enough, when you brainwaves gear down just a tiny bit to alpha, the result is increased capacity to learn, think, and remember.

Unfortunately, when you are stressed out or feeling anxious, it is almost impossible to enter the alpha state. This, in turn, means that if you already feel stressed out about cognitive activities, you will only struggle more with each attempt. Since binaurals can redirect your brainwaves and cause them to change to a faster or slower state, you can easily use them to put your brain into alpha mode while you are trying to achieve cognitive goals. As relaxation and increased time in the alpha state become a habit, you will need the binaurals less and less while working.

Use Binaurals While Learning Something New

Did you ever notice that you can dive right a new novel by your favourite author and grasp the story and characters in a matter of minutes? On the other hand, looking up some new information online or reading a “technical” book seems like a huge drain on your mind and body? Sadly, the modern education system may have created all kinds of mental and emotional blocks that make you feel stressed, irritable, and uncomfortable any time you need to learn something new. This can hamper every area of your life, especially if you find yourself in situations where you need to change your actions or try something new altogether. While you may think you can muddle through and avoid learning; the fact remains you still need to embrace new ideas and bodies of information.

During the process of learning something new, there are several places where stress, fear of failure, or even fear of success can cause you to have a hard time remembering, understanding, and applying new information even though there is nothing functionally wrong with your brain and mind. Since these are learned negative patterns that ultimately translate into brain frequencies most commonly found in the beta state, it is also possible to undo them with binaural beats. All you will need to do is use alpha binaurals when you are trying to learn something new. They will help you adjust your mental state to a calmer one and also help you to maintain a lower stress level so that it is easier to apply the information.

Listen to Binaurals While Playing Challenging Games

When it comes to developing strategies for solving problems or figuring out how to navigate through a situation, games can be very useful. No matter whether you choose classic board games such as chess and checkers, or prefer mah jongg, they can all stimulate your mind and help you become more comfortable with thinking out steps to achieve a goal. Needless to say, with all the available apps for cell phones and tablets, you can use them to improve speed of strategy thinking as well as work on other goals.

Unfortunately, as in real life, you will reach a point with strategy games where you can’t seem to progress any further. In some cases, you may still be dealing with the harmful effects of stress on your mind and emotions, or have other learned patterns that prevent you from finding a way to success. Interestingly enough, when your brain is in the alpha rhythm, it is also more inclined to excel at problem solving. As a result, when you use alpha binaurals when playing challenging games, it can open up new pathways of thought that will become an improved habit that will replace the one that has caused you so many problems.

Consider a situation where you enjoy playing chess with your computer. Let’s also say that the program has 15 levels, and you cannot get past the 5th one. Even though you may do well enough at this level, you find yourself losing badly when you try the next level up.

Now, let’s add to this situation with another life event, and say that many years ago you purchased a mechanical pencil; and have been trying to add new leads through the pencil cap. Let’s also say this pencil needs to be fed new leads through the tip instead. As a result, each time you went to add new leads to the pencil, it was a huge battle to get the eraser end off, and may have even caused some damage. One day, quite by accident, you pushed an existing lead back into the body of the pencil and realized that it was MUCH easier to add the leads via that route.

In many areas of life, when you cannot solve a problem, you must think outside of the answers that you believe to be correct. While you may feel hesitant to embrace strategic thinking, it becomes much easier when you use binaural beats. Since strategy games are a safe place to explore new ideas, combining them with binaurals can help you open up new areas of thinking without creating a whole new fear pattern associated with the new and the unknown.

Use Theta Frequency Binaurals to Relax

When your brain slows down even more when compared to the alpha frequency, it enters the theta state, or light sleep. In this state, your mind is very relaxed, and also very open to suggestion. Over the years, it has become apparent to many people that stress and anxiety are the two biggest problems when it comes to learning, memory, and application of knowledge. When it comes to daily waking hours, shifting to an alpha brain rhythm can be very helpful, however it is not the only option for boosting cognitive performance. In this case, you can also use theta frequency binaurals during sleep and meditation time to enter the theta state and relax even more. This is the perfect state for programming your mind for success during waking hours.

No matter whether you choose binaurals with subliminal suggestions or work with guided meditations, they will boost cognitive performance in a very short period of time.

Try Delta Frequency Binaurals While Sleeping

During sleep time, your brain slows down even more, and produces a “delta” brain wave or frequency. Since your brain is also quite responsive to suggestion in the delta state, it may also help to try listening to binaurals that help you feel less stressed about learning. Since some people actually move to delta faster, or feel more comfortable there than in the theta state, you may find this state is easier to work with than theta.

When using binaurals during this stage, you can also try sleep learning recordings for specific topics, or try learning how to use the dream state for problem solving. For example, if you have always wanted to learn a second language, try taking your binaural files and add a language lesson overlay. Alternatively, if you are interested in problem solving, you might use overlays for philosophy, game strategy, or other audio resources that emphasize figuring out how to get from one goal to the next. Just don’t forget to use underlying binaurals that you feel comfortable with. You should also be prepared to move between theta and delta binaurals as your own internal landscape changes and adjusts from day to day. Do not judge this process. Rather, just go with what you feel comfortable with.

In the modern world, many people pride themselves on being “smart”, or having a good memory while others feel like they are constantly a few steps behind the crowd. Invariably, both groups of people strive to do better, but wind up at a loss for figuring out how to improve cognitive function. Since stresses associated with learning, memory, and developing strategies can root in at a very early age, it stands to reason that these problems are rooted in habitual brain wave patterns rather than a biological deficit. From that perspective, binaurals are the perfect tool for boosting all aspects of cognitive function.

Once you see just how useful binaurals are for changing your brain state and thought habits, you will open up virtually limitless doors to cognitive improvement.