How to Get the Most out Of Binaural Beats for Sleeping

How to Get the Most out Of Binaural Beats for Sleeping

Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? No matter whether stresses from the day spill over into your sleep time, or other problems keep you from sleeping properly, the situation will only get worse and lead to more problems. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to take dangerous sleeping pills, or spend tons of money on mattresses, pillows, and other bedroom needs just to get a good night’s sleep. When used correctly, binaural beats that induce a delta brain rhythm will help you get good quality sleep without harmful side effects or enormous financial cost.

Use them at the Same Time Each Night

Even though you may not give it much thought, there are many cellular functions that must all take place in cascading time windows. Unfortunately, if you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, the whole process may be disrupted and ultimately lead to everything from cancer to heart disease. When using binaural beats, it is very important to realize that they will essentially retrain your brain to produce a healthy sleep patten to replace the disrupted one. You will get the most benefit from this when you use the binaurals at the same time each night. Once you become accustomed to entering the sleep state at a specific time each night, you may be able to stop using the binaurals each night, and still get the same effect. As an added bonus, if you suffer from insomnia caused by daily stress and anxiety, the binaurals will also train you to shut off that stressful mind chatter and fall asleep with ease. This habit will also develop faster and be easier to maintain when you use the binaurals at the same time each night.

Make Sure You are Comfortable With the Equipment

When you listen to binaural beats, the sounds delivered to one ear may not be the same as the ones delivered to the other ear. It is very important to choose a pair of earphones or earbuds that you will be comfortable with. You may also want to look for noise cancelling devices if your bedroom is plagued with sounds that will be audible even when you are listening to the binaurals. Here are some other things to consider when choosing the equipment:

  • while you are sleeping, your body will move around even if you aren’t aware of it. Earphones will stay in place more easily than earbuds. It is also best to avoid using a sound delivery device that is plugged in or has a cord that may wrap around your neck or other body parts. A battery operated mp3 player with a bluetooth headset will be safer and more comfortable.
  • Better quality equipment produces better sounds. Even though you will still get good results from cheap earphones, it never hurts to buy the best quality you can afford. This is especially important if you tend to notice sound quality and have a sensitivity to it.
  • Choose equipment that is durable and use it just for binaurals. Many people are surprised to find out that binaurals produce certain habits and associations. In this case, as you work more with the binaurals, you may find that even holding your headset or the playback device can begin to make you feel drowsy. Using durable equipment dedicated to sleep binaurals will improve the association between the habit of good sleep and the device even if you don’t listen to it for weeks or months at a time.

Try Out Different Programs and Sounds

If you do some research, you will find that there are many sound overlays that are used in conjunction with binaural beats. While these sounds don’t interfere with the brain entrainment caused by the binaurals, they can most certainly impact how you feel. For example, some people may find ocean wave sounds very relaxing, while others may feel more stressed by them. Even if the binaural track beneath the overlaying sounds is exactly the same, and induces the same state, personal preferences can easily change the overall experience. Therefore, if you find that you aren’t comfortable with one program or set of sounds, do not hesitate to try other ones. It does not matter what sounds work best for you, as long as you are comfortable and see an improvement in your sleep time.

During the process of finding binaurals that you are comfortable with, you are likely to find delta frequencies that are dedicated to other purposes. These might include pain reduction, stress relief, and even increasing wealth and abundance. While these binaurals are not strictly dedicated to sleep, they will still help you fall asleep and stay asleep because they are putting your brain into the delta rhythm. Therefore, if your insomnia or sudden waking is caused by a specific set of thoughts, binaurals aimed at solving these matters may also be of help as sleep aides.

Make Sure You Will Remain Undisturbed

No matter how hard you try, the dog may jump on your bed suddenly and wake you up, a fire alarm may go off, or something else may disturb your sleep. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to stop these kinds of interferences, nor would you want to if they will endanger your health and well being. That being said, there are some other disruptions that can happen on a nightly basis that can undermine everything you are trying to do with the binaurals. A neighbour’s horn honking in the early hours of the morning, blaring music from passing vehicles, and other disruptive events need to be eliminated as much as possible. While most sound related disruptions can be reduced or avoided with the use of noise cancelling headphones, other disruptions may take some changes to your bedroom. Here are some things you can try for common problems that disrupt your sleep:

  • bed or pillows are uncomfortable – now is a good time to add a mattress pad, get a new pillow, or make other changes that will ensure you are comfortable while you are sleeping.
  • Feeling thirsty at night – keep a thermos of fresh water near your bed. Try to limit yourself to small sips. If you are waking up naturally, one or two minutes to get retrieve a few sip of water will have much less impact that trudging off to the kitchen and wandering around for a half hour or more.
  • Having to go to the bathroom – limit caffeine intake to breakfast time only. Try to avoid drinking water or other beverages 2 – 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Make sure you understand how sleep binaurals work. If you are new to binaurals, you may be afraid that they will put you to sleep and that you will never wake up. In all reality, binaurals are much safer than sleeping pills, and your brain can shift out of the delta frequency any time it pleases. If you are concerned, make sure that your house mate or partner knows that you are using binaurals for sleep. You can ask that person to monitor you while you are sleeping, and also wake up up at a specific time if you don’t do so on your own. It may also help to start off with short sessions that don’t last more than a ½ hour or so. Once you feel confident that you can wake up whenever you want, it will be much easier for you to go ahead with using binaurals for sleep.

Wake Up ½ Hour Early Without an Alarm Clock

If you are groggy in the morning because you have a hard time falling asleep, you may find it hard to believe that your alarm clock can be creating problems long before it goes off. In particular, no matter whether a pleasant sound or a loud one startles you awake, it is still creating a negative association with waking up. This, in turn, can cause you to be more restless at night if you feel a need to check the time or sleep light to avoid being shocked awake. If you set your alarm for a half hour early, at least you will not be as concerned about over sleeping. To achieve this goal, you can try using a binaural dedicated to beta, or even alpha rhythms so that you wake up more naturally and have time to adapt your mind to going about the rest of your day.

Consider a situation where you are planning to bake a cake from scratch. If you want to the cake to come out tasty and light, you probably spend quite a bit of time gathering equipment and ingredients before you actually start making the batter. In a similar fashion, if you are going to get the most from binaurals for sleep, it is important to put yourself in a situation where you can listen to them without interruption. This includes making sure that the equipment you are using does not fall off or become tangled up while you are sleeping. In addition, once you find the right equipment and get into the habit of using it the same time each night, you will find that the benefits can last for months and years even if you stop using the binaurals for one reason or another.