Audio Mental Training is a unique collection of programs and meditations engineered to help enhance your mind’s potential by guiding you into a deep state of awareness, the key to personal transformation. AMT programs are put together to facilitate the ultimate self-discovery experience and to help you acknowledge that the human brain has no limits. Find out more on the principles and technology behind AMT here.

How to listen

With Audio Mental Training technology you will get specific frequencies in each ear, targeting and stimulating different parts of the brain. Always use stereo headphones for all the programs unless we explicitly state something else. Visit our User’s Guide to get you started.

Each collection consists of 3 distinct audio programs for Daytime, Nighttime and Subliminal Messaging, all designed to help you create the life you want. They beautifully combine a complex mix of positive affirmations or subliminal messaging, advanced brainwave entrainment techniques: binaural beats, isochronic tones, meditation music, sounds of nature and relaxing instrumental music.


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